Mouse Trap (fear and desire)

Mouse Trap

Fear and desire are the feelings that arouses the project Mouse trap inspired by the work “Addendum” of the American artist Ethan Crenson. The desire and attraction to open the box and discover the chocolates inside is broken by the sense of fear that could arouse the mouse trap, located at the top of the … Read more


Dettaglio pillole

Our pralines were conceived as pills with different effects, inspired by the work of Canadian artist Dana Wyse. The content obviously recalls the concept: read the instructions and understand what you need today and what message you want to communicate. • Grey pill to understand things: two hazelnuts immersed in gianduia as two neurons that touch … Read more

Unitled (My Gold Is Yours)

Piero Golia 2019, Almond Cremino, Ialty Flora Brazil 100% Arabica coffee powder, cereals, edible gold powder. Scale 1:125 copy of the Cube 2 mt x 2 mt made with cement, shown at 55th Venice Biennale, where the artist threw a kilo of gold cast in it. Visitors could use a small scalpel and take a … Read more

Resist Sister

Resist Sister

Nico Vascellari 2020, chocolate, pistachio, 3cm Resist Sister brooch to wear. Resist sister, a hymn to resistance, is an iconic image created by Nico Vascellari who, since 2017, uses anagrams to give insight into connected concepts. Maradeiboschi, Codalunga and Case Chiuse, who have always operated with collaboration as a prerequisite for their activities, have joined … Read more