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Maradeiboschi seeks the balance experimenting and working by subtraction not by addiction.

Maradeiboschi started in 2012 in the heart of San Salvario in Turin, overlooking the marketplace in Piazza Madama Cristina. The proximity to the food market and the multiethnic influences of the neighbourhood give daily inspiration. Maradeiboschi is an experimental studio of flavours, shape and different idea  for chocolate, coffee and gelato. The purpose is to transfer the taste and the colors of nature keeping the authentic flavours and, above all, the balance of the components of the raw material from which the taste originates. We work by subtraction not by addiction.

Maradeiboschi is a group made by curious people with passion in food, art and design  that make continuous research and experimentation, collaborating with whoever does this kind of investigation in various fields. This gives rise to collaborations with manufacturers, chefs and inventors with whom to exchange ideas and knowledge.Now we had three shop in Turin and we are in Milan inside Mercato Centrale Milano. And we are preparing our own roasters in Barolo next spring.




Via Berthollet 30 


Piazza C. Emanuele II, 21 


Corso de Gasperi 57 

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