Contemporary fine chocolate

Maradeiboschi is a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary working group that with its commitment, within its experiential and research laboratories, works to create innovative and stimulating proposals, recognizing the value of the contamination of knowledges and emotions and maintaining the same quality.

Maradeiboschi Chocolate laboratory does a double job: 

Makes chocolate in limited editions, collaborating with artists, designers and fashion creators. We invented shapes, aesthetics and tastes together with them to make each chocolate a unique piece

We also produce more classic products, selecting the best raw materials in every part of the world, the so-called “rare” cocoa, which represent 2% of the total cocoa produced all around the world. They are considered “rare” because, further to having origins in uncontaminated areas, they are dried in shade and not on the ground, slowly toasted without burning the beans. This allows to have chocolates that keep their aromatic notes without bitterness and without the need to add aromas and sugars to eliminate defects, as happens in the industrial products.