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A new landmark in the world of Specialty Coffees opened in Barolo on 31 of May it is IALTY by Mara dei Boschi. A new roastery with a specialty coffee shop that brings the scent of high-quality coffee in Langhe

A new landmark in the world of Specialty Coffees opened in Barolo on 31 of May it is IALTY by Mara dei Boschi. A new roastery with a specialty coffee shop that brings the scent of high-quality coffee in Langhe.

A site dedicated to be a meeting place and space for disseminating a culture of coffee and artisanal products with whom Mara dei Boschi has been able to build its own identity.

IALTY is a new Specialty Coffee brand that debuted on the market in autumn 2020, and until now has only been sold in Mara dei Boschi stores in Turin and online. A new coffee line features with five distinctive tastes resulting from a long research and selection process. Products with unique characteristics, which transform the experience of a coffee into a journey through new and exciting aromas from distant countries.

Now IALTY finds a home in Barolo, in a café that wants to be a convivial place where you can rediscover the pleasure of a good coffee and a cultural meeting space capable of creating synergies between the world of food and wine, art and sport.

Starting from September, IALTY’s café in Barolo will also be transformed into a roastery, the first in the area dedicated to specialty coffee with the aim of becoming an educational and experiential landmark in the world of quality coffee.

Excellence products

We offer a range of coffees that - in compliance with the SCA tasting protocol - are defined as products of excellence, drawing from different production areas and according to a precise seasonality of the plant, in order to preserve a precise aromatic identity in the cup, the latter elements fully traceable in terms of variety, plantation, region of origin and manufacturing process.

Quality raw material

The love for raw materials, constant experimentation and the theme of environmental certifications are also integral elements of our work and we are committed to the spread of natural and sustainable agriculture. Our aim is to identify special coffees with an extremely rich organoleptic profile, recognizable by their uniqueness and free from primary defects in the production chain, in order to enhance the natural characteristics and aromas of each bean.

Ialty, a new line of Specialty Coffee created in compliance with the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) tasting protocol, debuted on the market in autumn 2020. An excellent product, obtained by drawing on different production areas and following plants’ precise seasonality, with the ultimate aim of preserving aromatic peculiarities in the cup. Each coffee proposed by Ialty retains its own identity and all the elements that make the variety, the plantation, the region of origin and the manufacturing process traceable.

Five proposals, result of a long research and selection.
Products with specific characteristics, to transform the experience of coffee into a journey of new aromas to distant countries:

FLORA | Brasile

Producers: Paulo Lorenco Da Silva
Region: Nova Resende sul de minas
Farm: Sitio penha natural
Altitudine: 1100
Cultivar: Yellow Catuai
Process: Natural
Taste notes: Note di cioccolato, leggero corpo cremoso, delicato retrogusto di erbe

GISHA | Burundi

Producers: Bugestal
Region: N’Gozi Province, Tangara Commune
Farm: Gisha Station
Altitudine: 1650 – 1700
Cultivar: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Taste notes: Strawberry, double cream, vanilla


Producers: Orfiria Cardona

Region: Baja Esmeralda, Risaralda

Farm: Miraflores Madrid

Altitudine: 1850 – 2000

Cultivar: Castillo Rosario, Catimor

Process: Washed

Taste notes: Red apple, melon, macadamia

GITO | Rwanda

Producers: Muraho
Region: Nyamasheke District
Farm: Kilimbi
Altitudine: 1600 – 1650
Cultivar: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Taste notes: Plum, caramel, cocoa.

MALABE | Timor Leste

Producers: Atsabe Community Wet Mill
Region: Atsabe, Ermera
Farm: Malabe Village
Altitudine: 1700 – 1800
Cultivar: Hybrido de Timor – Typica
Process: Malabe honey
Taste notes: Green apple, almond, elderflower
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