About the project

Resist Sister, a hymn to resistance, is an iconic image created by Nico Vascellari who, since 2017, uses anagrams to give insight into connected concepts.

Maradeiboschi, Codalunga and Case Chiuse, who have always operated with collaboration as a prerequisite for their activities, have joined forces for this artistic-culinary project by combining content, creativity and flavour.

A new chocolate praline has been created, through the search for the perfect shape and ingredients, with a careful one by one handmade process.

The message screen printed on the pin and on the box is reinforced and conveyed by the ingredients: chocolate and pistachio.
Chocolate activates our brain metabolism and facilitates concentration, thus helping us to relieve mental fatigue as well as physical fatigue.

Pistachio is the most tenacious of all seeds, it grows in arid areas, on rocky soils where the hard work and determination of the farmer always prevails. For centuries it has been a symbol of resistance to adverse conditions.