Mara dei Boschi presents IALTY, a working group with the aim of telling the public the fascinating world of specialty coffees in order to rediscover the complexity of a rare and valuable product, which is affected by climatic conditions, cultivation methods, collection and – last but not least – the decisive roasting process. We propose a range of coffees which – in compliance with the SCA tasting protocol – are defined as products of excellence, drawing from different production areas and according to a precise seasonality of the plant, in order to preserve a precise aromatic identity in the cup, the latter elements fully traceable in terms of variety, plantation, region of origin and processing process.
The love for raw materials, constant experimentation and the theme of environmental certifications are also integral elements of our work and we are committed to the spread of natural and sustainable agriculture. We aim to identify special coffees with an extremely rich organoleptic profile, recognizable by their uniqueness and free from primary defects in the production chain, in order to enhance the natural characteristics and aromas of each bean. For the launch of IALTY to the public we have chosen two fine single origins, the result of a long research by our team, with the ultimate aim of transforming the experience of this drink into a journey through new aromas in distant countries.

Yellow Catuai
Natural processing method
Altitude 1100 mt
Paulo Lorenco Da Silva plantation
Notes of chocolate, light creamy body, delicate herbal aftertaste.

Huehuetenango Slow Food
Natural processing method
Altitude 1500-1700 mt
Huehuetenango plantation
Notes of milk chocolate, honey, cinnamon, candied fruit and almonds,
Persistence of bitter cocoa.

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