#RUNBEFORE2030 | Assorted box

#RUNBEFORE2030 | Assorted box

  • Dark Gianduiotti +
  • Specialty coffee Dragées | Messico Oltehua Vasquez, a project by Slow Food Coffee Coalition roasted in Barolo by Ialty +
  • ICEBERG 100% pure dark chocolate + meringue +
  • Napolitain Ecuador Arriba 75%


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Oliviero Alotto has been running the #RunBefore2030 campaign with Slow Food Torino for three years now, a race to raise awareness of the effects of global warming.

The journey of #RunBefore2030 began with a solo race of 210 km, to reach one of the most important glaciers of Greenland and see with his own eyes the state of affairs and be able to testify to us.

During the race the only “energetic” elements that he could use were coffee and chocolate, made by Maradeiboschi specifically for the company, in quantities prepared by Felicina Biorci the sports doctor who follows him from a nutritional point of view. On his return Maradeiboschi Cioccolato create the Iceberg project to celebrate the enterprise.

The action of direct evidence of the state of climate change will continue with a non-stop solo race of 200 km along the Mekong one of the largest and evocative waterways of our planet, in the part that crosses Laos, one of the places with the greatest biodiversity in the world and a natural lung of the entire continent.

To support and share this enterprise Maradeiboschi Cioccolato created a limited edition box in which the red Gianduiotti, the blue of Napolitain and the white of Iceberg stand for the colors of the Loas flag together with the Dragées made with our specialty coffee Ialty Mexico of  Slow Food Coffee Coalition of which Oliviero is co-founder.

The purchase of each box will support Oliviero’s project in collaboration with Slow Food Torino.

To follow the journey ➡️ @olivieroalotto


#RUNBEFORE2030 | Assorted box

  • Dark Gianduiotti
    Ingredients: Hazelnuts Piedmont I.G.P. toasted (40%), brown sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder 22/24, cocoa beans. Cocoa min. 29%. Cocoa min. 29%.
  • Dragées specialty coffee IALTY Mexico Coffee Coalition
    Ingredients: dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter – emulsifier: soy lecithin aroma: vanilla – cocoa minimum 66%) coffee Mexico Oltehua Vasquez Slow Food Coffee Coalition toasted in grains.
  • ICEBERG 9pcs
    Ingredients: chocolate base, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soy lecithin). Meringue: granulated sugar, pasteurized egg white. Meringue: granulated sugar, pasteurized egg white.
  • NAPOLITAIN Ecuador Arriba 75%
    Ingredients: Cocoa (min. 75%), sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla extract.

May contain traces of nuts, sesame, soy, milk and peanuts.

Preferably store at 17-20 ºC in a dry environment and away from heat sources.

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